The Leadership Immersion Experience
15-18th May 2018

The Problem: After over 10 years working in business as a Management Consultant I became frustrated with the 'system'. I saw all the training, 'self help' books and courses given by employers and my own 'self development' research, provided no real sustainable and enhanced impact on my performance as a Leader. I began to notice most people around me felt the same.

Our true potential was not being realised.
We felt we were running out of time to do everything we wanted to do.
We had big dreams somewhere in the recesses of our minds!

The Solution: After 3 years and a lot of pilot testing with corporations we have innovated and created a unique experience to get to the heart of where true transformation and leadership comes from. I run one intensive Group Leadership Program a year outside working with global firms. There are only 5 spaces left! Here's how you'll know that you are right for this experience:
  • You are a business leader, small business owner or consultant who is looking for a REAL and long lasting shift...
  • You want to perform at a high level
  • You want to make a difference in the world, and play a different game
  • You've tried 'stuff' but sense you're not getting where you'd like to be...
  • If you want to thrive in life, home and work, sign up below for details or email us at

The Experience: Deepening your understanding of the principles behind how the human mind works would be of benefit, especially if you want to:

  • Experience where high performance in business and life really comes from
  • Learn about simple, powerful principles that underlie all human experience and behavior
  • Elevate your sense of calmness, focus, clarity, clearness in decision making, perhaps there is a transition you'd like to explore but are stuck! We aim for you to have the experience of insight during the program.
"When Jayanie and I first connected, I had already started to “wake up” as I call it, but had no idea of how to deepen my understanding. My mind ran a million miles an hour, I was too busy and felt like I could never relax. A few months down the track and I feel a sense of peace within, stress is minimal, life is calmer and in clearing the clutter, I know what I really want out of life, my business and relationships. Most of all, I am becoming more aware of who I am beyond my thoughts and feelings, the space within where insights, creativity and clarity now guide my decisions. I highly recommend Jayanie, I consider her my spiritual coach and a waking up co-conspirator" - Jacqueline Moreno Ovidi
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